I am Vaida Mikliušienė, an autodidact who aspires to become a professional artist.

Born in 1980 in Kėdainiai, Lithuania, I received a Master in Law degree from Vilnius University, Lithuania, in 2005, and then worked for ten years as a lawyer specializing in intellectual property law, competition law, and litigation. Nonetheless I felt that I could and should make art.

The idea of ​​creating art became too tempting over time. I hung up my court attire and moved with my family to live in Switzerland in 2015. Now I live in Thun where I started making and studying art. I am married and have 2 daughters.

My works tell about the secret inner life of the woman, the inevitable transformations of her personality, and the bonds between female generations. I was moved by the latest scientific research confirming that women’s brains undergo substantial and ever-lasting physiological changes caused by puberty and pregnancy. As a result of the mentioned changes, the behavior and personality of women change significantly too, while their intellectual abilities remain unchanged. I am sure that this new knowledge in combination with every stage of life, from being a baby to becoming a parent, needs more discussing and awareness. I feel that my personal experience empowers me in this matter.

I try to convey this complex feminine theme through figurative oil paintings of women and girls, mothers and daughters, associated with the individual surrealist or abstract personal environment. I am inspired firstly by my little daughters who would likely undergo many changes and challenges of being a woman in the future. My art is also very naturally connected to my native Baltic ethnic culture, fairy tales, geometric ornaments, as well as traditional handicrafts of women. Creation of beauty was always a destiny of a woman. Respectively, I feel connected to this tradition through like-sewing, embroidering, or weaving, with my brush on canvas. I wonder whether my makings are more folk handicraft or art.

Welcome and, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Vaida Works

Photo credit: Andrea Antosikova Photography