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Terms and Conditions

By visiting and using this Website, as well as placing orders via other means of communication, you undertake these Terms and Conditions.
Please, read them carefully.

I tried to make these terms and conditions as simple and informative, and short, as possible.
If you have some questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me via vaidaworks@gmail.com

1.       You are buying directly from the Artist

1.1. By buying from the page vaidaworks.com you are buying directly from the me, the artist Vaida Mikliušienė. The domain and the webpage waidaworks.com belong to me.

1.2. I am a self-employed natural person, based in Switzerland, email vaidaworks@gmail.com, tel. +41764795474. My time zone is UTC +2.   

1.3. Further in the text: “you” is referred to you, the buyer, and “I” – to me, the seller.

1.4. All paintings here are made by me and shall be accompanied with the certificate of authenticity.

1.5. By pressing the “buy” button, you confirm that you have read and are obliged to follow these terms and conditions.

1.6. You must be no younger than 18 years old to buy from vaidaworks.com.

1.7. You are obliged to provide your full and detailed information concerning the payment and delivery. In case there are special delivery conditions, e.g. telephone number, door codes, special place for deposition, or etc., you must specify. Failure to do that or failure to pick up the parcel from the post office, and the package comes back to me, you shall bear the costs of post service.

1.8. I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone at any time. In such case your paid sum will be refunded in full.

1.9. All Intellectual Property Rights to this website and its content belong to the Artist.

2.       Making the decision to purchase

2.1. Sending the artworks via post is always risky and expensive, therefore, reduce the risk of your dissatisfaction and returning of the purchased work. You can manage this in following ways:

2.1.1.        If possible, see the work in person first. If you can come to Thun, it is simple to contact me and book a studio visit to see the work in life or we can even agree on me bringing you several works to try them in your interior.

2.1.2.        Explore all available images of the artwork you are interested in. Never hesitate contacting me and asking to send more images of the work.

2.1.3.        Measure the place you intend to hang it. Cut the piece of paper according to the measurements of the artwork and attach it on the wall to have the exact understanding how it fits. Note that the works can be not only too big but also too small.

2.1.4.        I offer to buy paintings with or without frame. If you buy a framed painting, it will come ready to hang. If you buy unframed, you will have to take care of them. Please note, that smaller unframed paintings look quite different than the framed ones while the bigger one can be ok without any framing.

2.2. The colors in the images on the website may slightly differ from the original ones. However, always remember, that the proper lighting plays the major role in the looks of the original. As well as no photo can completely convey the true appearance of the painting. Luckily, all my clients say that my paintings look much better in the reality.

3.       Prices, payments, and taxes

3.1. The prices of works in this website include all applicable local taxes as well as the costs of sending the painting.

3.2. The secure payments are performed via stripe.com.

3.3. In case you come to pick the painting up by yourself, the sending costs will be refunded to you.

3.4. The paintings are sold without VAT.

3.5. If the painting has to be sent abroad from Switzerland, please note the following:

3.5.1.        There is no customs tax for the artworks.

3.5.2.       Depending from your local laws, you could be subject to payment of import VAT. Make sure that you know the rates in advance (they differ from 3 to 21 percent and could be even more in some countries). You can expect additional costs of filing the customs declaration.

4.       The process of purchase and dispatch

4.1. The dispatch of the work occurs within 3 business days from the receipt of the payment in full.

4.2. The work will be sent via Swiss Post. In case you have troubles regarding the postal services in your country or area, please, contact me in advance, and we can use other curriers instead. In such case, you will have to cover the difference in price of currier services.

4.3. You can expect to receive the work within one week from the dispatch because I always use priority post, however, sometimes delays occur due to customs procedures. If you need the painting before a certain date, please, plan well in advance.

5.       Returns and refunds

5.1. You shall bear all returning costs, except otherwise expressly stated in other provisions hereof. These costs shall not be refunded to you.

5.2. You can return the unwanted painting within 14 calendar days from the day of the receipt thereof. Please, make sure that the painting is in its original condition and packed well, the same way as you received it.

5.3. The address to return is my legal address. It must be correctly written by you. Returning the painting, you must use the trackable post service and buy insurance covering it cost. If the painting is lost on its way back to me, your payment will not be refunded but you shall use your insurance then.

5.4. The risk of damage and loss is transferred to you from the moment of receipt of the painting.

5.5. In case the painting arrives damaged, please, make photos and send them to me immediately, within 1 day from the receipt of the painting. If you do not report any damage within one day from the receipt of the work, it will be deemed to received undamaged.

5.6. If you received a damaged work and informed me in accordance with the clause 5.5, please, pack it carefully and send it back to me, and I will refund your proven dispatch costs and full purchase price within 3 business days from the receipt of the returned painting. The proof of the sending costs shall be the post payment receipt.

5.7. If there was no notice of the damaged work and you decide to send it back, and it arrives damaged back to me, I will have the sole discretion to decide on the amount, if any, to refund.

5.8. I shall in no case reimburse any additional costs of delivery, costst of picking up, installation, or paid taxes. In case of returning the purchase, you shall be solely responsible to filling in the necessary formulars and identifying the correct address. 

6.       Personal Data

6.1. Please note, that personal data is only such data that can identify your personality.

6.2. Only if you explicitly agree, I would be entitled to use your email address for future information about new work, art tips, as well as the invitations to the coming exhibitions. I send such emails only several times per year.

6.3. For the use of this Website, the Rules on Privacy Protection apply.

7.       Cookies

7.1. This site uses cookies for your comfort during the using this website as well as for us to understand your needs better. The website uses Google Analytics and Facebook pixel.

7.2. For the use of this Website, the Rules on Privacy Protection apply.

8.       Other Provisions

8.1. I send only to the countries, specified in the country list. If you would like to receive the painting in another country, please, contact me and we will find the solution.

8.2. I reserve the right to change those terms and conditions as well as the prices of the paintings at any time.

8.3. All copyrights to the purchased work remain with me. The purchase of the original work or print does not result in the transfer or any intellectual property rights to it, such as the right to copy, publish, rent, exhibit, and other. Prior to any such use, you must receive my written consent and pay the license fee.

8.4. I grant my consent to publish images of my works in interiors subject to specifying me as the author of the painting by writing my full name.

8.5. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Law of Switzerland.

Last Revision 16.05.2021