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Next Exhibition 24.09.2021 – 03.10.2021 in Basel

At last, I can invite you to an art show, where I take part too!

Galerie Katapult: St. Johanns-Vorstadt 35 · 4056 Basel

This exhibition is about “#ME – The Artist” and how eleven international artists have evolved over the years! Discover the key moments that have influenced a change in their artistic direction, if any? Perhaps a life-changing event? For some artists, their style remains the same; why? Do they stay with what works? For others, a change in their medium offers a new artistic direction? Frontofbicycle Gallery invites you to discover the answers to these questions at Galerie Katapult.

As you enter the gallery, you will find contemporary artworks, with an emphasis on painting and sculpture, created within the last year (or revisited in the case of Megan Rodgers). To the rear of the gallery occupies a salon of wall-to-wall artworks capturing the artistic spirit of their past.

All artworks will be available to purchase online after the opening night, Friday 24th September 2021.

Public Opening Hours:
Vernissage – Fri. 24th Sept *18h – 21h
Sat. 25th Sept *11h – 19h
Sun. 26th Sept *11h – 17h
Mon. 27th Sept to Sat. 2nd Oct *11h – 19h
Finissage – Sun. 3rd Oct *11h – 17h

Book a private viewing below for a personal experience and to guarantee a time when the artist is present.

More information https://www.frontofbicycle.com/exhibitions—frontofbicycle-me-2021.html

Any questions? Please, ask me.

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