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How to Purchase Art
  1. The shipment of the purchased artwork is free of charge. When shipped abroad, the original artworks are not subject to customs duties. However, you might have to pay additionally for import declarations and the import VAT. 
  2. Please, note, that the buyer pays all costs of returning the purchased work and is liable for proper packaging.  
  3. In order to avoid returns, before making your purchase, please, contact me with all your questions and requests, ask for more pictures, explore the possibilities of the frame choice, and receive hanging tips.
  4. Measure many times at home to have the exact understanding of the size. For example, cut out a piece of paper the size of the desired work and try how it fits on the wall.
  5. If you do not trust your ordinary post services, we can mutually agree to use another delivery service provider. All differences in price shall be covered by the buyer.