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About living as artist

Being an artist for me means creating something new, talking about new ideas, using new techniques. We all believe that each person is an individuality, therefore, it is generally accepted that each person has his / her unique style. I would love to believe it. However, how difficult is refusing of other examples and seeing entirely inside my soul and mind. How to withdraw our uniqueness and visions and transfer to the other people by physical means of art and create something awesome at last? Is it really possible? Is it so simple?

I follow the art news and admire works of the best artists. Internet made it so simple. Talking about the greatest artists of the world I do not mean D. Hirst or other commercial stars. I talk about magicians whose talents make me envious (Most of them are impossible to see. I do not find such works in galleries. There is just the usual). Nevertheless, there are too many of them, and I die from jealousy. There are so many good artists now so the art world became a chorus of the artist of the size of stadium. I always question myself, how it possible to stand out, to be heard? How good the art has to be to be noticed? Does it really depend from how good is the art?

Then I question about the meaning of art today, in the times where we are facing, again, wars, climate and waste problems, poverty, cruelty of the people, and general meaningless of life? Who are we, artists, there? Producers of luxury goods, interior accessories, and attractions, I would say. On the other hand, there are always artists who go deeper and make art which is meaningful. I hope to become one of such artists. But how far this is yet. Another taking aback fact is the possibility of earning money from art. Artists are poor, they usually depend from their families or friends, or have other jobs. This makes me wonder of my choices.

Despite all joy listed above, I am trying to penetrate further, to make myself a real professional artis. In the recent year I had some mind blowing, ass kicking, and turning around, inspirations, that made huge impact to my understanding of art, motivation, and development of personal style.

I am starting with, what a surprise, Dali. Last autumn we visited his native town Cadaques. Wherever I looked, I saw the elements of his paintings there, in the nature, the town, and the people. Only Dali saw them special and was able to synthetize into his surreal art. For me it meant that we do not have to go far for inspiration. We have to look around us, look back at the things and places that mean something to us. It is all in our heads – ability to create something completely original and wonderful.

Next kick ass was a book of Richard Schmid “Alla Prima II”. Money is amazing because you can buy knowledge and education. I ordered this extremely expensive handbook about oil painting and was crying from the gratitude to my hardworking man, who gives me all the money to be spent on my materials, education, and other artistic things… Returning back to the point: the book changed my idea of painting style and subject entirely. It showed me that even the simplest things can be gorgeously painted. The art does not depend on the subject, only about the abilities and skills of the artist.

The last, but not the least, is the great artist Kazimieras Žoromskis. I knew about him before but never saw his works. Visiting his house – museum, where all the most important works are kept, talking with his wife Christine, stuck in my head. His paintings, the sea of colors and brushstrokes, made so long ago yet seeming so cool, contemporary, and eternal. I was standing before his works and was feeling like being absorbed inside into the paintings.  And every one of the works was exciting, original, the best. He has found his way, he never gave up and always did honest and the best quality creations. Every painting of him is a living creature. Art is creating and culture. Art must be original and livid. Art is about convincing the observer, that he or she are watching another world, another dimension of reality and surreal-ity.

The words of Kazimieras Žorosmis sums up all the above mentioned: it does not matter what you paint but how you paint.

See, I still have hope in art.

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