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I wrote an Artist’s Statement

It was time to summary what am I doing here.

Artist’s Statement

What do I want to show?

The protagonists of my artworks are women in the context of personal change and resilience. Women go through essential and unavoidable physiological changes of their brains after delivering a baby. This happens not without a reason and they have no choice. This changes their personalities.

Me too, I still cannot get used to these irreparable changes in my brains after I gave birth. I lost my heart’s ease. I cannot sleep. I am afraid to forget. I am afraid of becoming mentally ill. I feel so responsible. I remember earlier me, and there is no way back. I know that the same would happen to my daughters.

However women are incredibly resilient and adopt to their new role. I depict the women going through those irrevocable amendments and their willingness to stay themselves as well as to maintain close connection to their children. I want the observer of my art to feel this frustration, loneliness, struggle, and unconditional love.

How do I do this?

My art is figurative. I depict mostly women with some abstract elements. The medium is oil on canvas. I sometimes add some mixed media: epoxide, acrylics, or woollen threads, to achieve unusual textures. Every inch of canvas matters to me.

Why do I paint this?

My art is the product of my changed brains.

For long time I could not do art because of the need of doing practical things. I entered the world of art quite recently, as an adult woman, with family and carrier experience, as well as with courage of self-expression. I get my inspiration from my own experience, my mother, my daughters, my sister, and all other women whom I know.

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