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New writings about my art

It is very complicated to write about my art. It is too personal and too subjective to make fair evaluation, however, with a good friend of mine, I managed to present my ideas more clearly…perhaps.

About my art

It is always tough to describe oneself. All I know is that I am a mother of two daughters. I know that I intentionally abandoned the profitable practice of law to fulfil my dream of being an artist. I also know that after the birth of my children, I changed. It was hard to comprehend how I became a traditional mother, making the care of my two daughters my main priority. Thus, I found myself in an inner conflict raging between being a loving mother or a passionate woman, free from social restrictions and female ideals.

Recently, a certain article consumed me. The article maintained that whilst carrying their first child women experience drastic physiological changes in brain structure, which cause for characteristic changes to prepare the woman for child care. Women experience similar nervous system changes prior to pregnancy namely during puberty. Meaning mothers are rewired twice in their life and cannot return to the person and personality they once were.

This knowledge overcame me. It meant that I also had undergone a transformation, even twice. I gained new features without which I could not be a good mother according to nature. I can see that I do not have the last remnants of childness and naivety, but in exchange I acquired some new qualities. Possibly this motherly transformation has predetermined the survival and development of mankind. Even though thoughts like this worry me, they also are a source of inspiration and let new ideas emerge.

My art and my present life are the fruit of this transformation. Becoming a mother has given me the power to see the essence of my paintings, it has also given me more strength to become an artist.

My works are multilayered oil paintings. Each image presents a girl or woman as an individual character trying to perceive the changing self and the subjective environment. My paintings consist of figurative motives with the goal to transmit my vision as precisely as possible.

I find myself increasingly turning to the use of various symbols and attributes related to femininity and maternity since now aspects of maternal affection are the main vision in my work. Gradually the starting point of my work have become the handicrafts of ethnographic women, the oldest form of female creativity and self-expression. Inspired by this form of art I now sow and knit by brush on canvas. However, my geometric patterns only partially link my work to past traditions and the nature of woman’s fate. I layer, trap, spontaneously connect these patterns in various directions and combine this with free strokes, so they become fit for my narrative.

Continuing to penetrate deep, I increasingly gain new forms of skills and knowledge. The love and closeness to my family is exactly what pushes and stimulates me to move forward. Trying to decipher my future, I wonder with great curiosity where will my transforming mind take me.

Thank you for reading this, and have a nice day 🙂

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